Missing Socks

Missing Socks

 “Sometimes happiness is like a missing sock. You know it will turn up eventually, but it will probably be in the strangest place. “

IMG_0272I really wonder about that one and I’m concerned as well. Because I have so many single “pairs” of socks, does that mean I’ll never find happiness?

And if I don’t want to wait until it shows up, where can I search for it?

I’ve come up with some good places to look:

1. the corners of fitted sheets: even though you give the sheet a good shake, sometimes these socks are very clever about hiding.

2. in the washing machine or dryer: especially if they’re the same color as the inside. Many a sock has turned up in the next load.

3. in the dirty laundry: even though you thought you had emptied the basket, one of the socks wanted to continue to be dirty for longer and stayed behind.

4. paired with a mate that didn’t match: how many times have you found that you really didn’t match the pair properly? Were you very tired, drunk, hungry, fed up, rushed? It happens more than you’d like to think.

5. in your partner’s (or child’s) sock drawer: if that’s the case, you have to find out who did it and reprimand him/her so that it never happens again.

6. under the bed: it might have fallen and hid when you got undressed.

7. stuck in the leg of the jeans or sweats. Once again, you might have been tired.

8. you threw it out planning to get rid of the other one. One sock had a hole in it and for some reason you kept the undamaged one. That’s a great example of wishful thinking.

So don’t despair!  I personally don’t believe happiness is like a missing sock. I do believe it will turn up in unexpected places. I am a lot more cynical when it comes to missing socks. Sometimes you just have to accept your losses and move on.