Marriage and Couples

I am a gifted couple’s therapist, working with diverse individuals (ethnicity and/or sexual orientation). I have helped many people resolve conflicts in their relationships to the point where they are able to focus less on their differences and disagreements and begin to live harmoniously with one another as they achieve common goals.

The focus of couples therapy is typically on:

~ teaching and modeling listening techniques,

~ how to respond to the other,

~ letting go of past resentments,

~ how to express feelings (rather than assess blame) and

~ how to be empathic

Through a series of conversations, exercises and homework, couples will deepen their understanding of themselves as individuals and as a member of a relationship. They will learn about their triggers and their communication styles. They will also learn how past relationships, especially those that were modeled for them as children, play a role in their present lives.



My role is to model, facilitate and support healthy communication. I am neutral in that I am the advocate for both parties. However, I am also there to protect
someone from verbal assault. My active participation in this process creates an environment of safety for the couple to express themselves freely and openly but without hostility.

Couples CounselingIn most cases, I will meet with each person individually so that I can get a sense of any underlying issues that may be disrupting the relationship. If appropriate I will make recommendations for individual counseling or treatment for addiction. This can be done while continuing the couples counseling.

I have special expertise in working with couples from different religious and/or ethnic backgrounds and helping them to resolve issues around those differences.