Anger Management

imageAnger sometimes gets a bad rap in our society, so much so that the term is often coupled with “management”. In many instances, however, the emotion of anger helps us survive and has done so since time began. It also allows us to react when we are being mistreated and respond to threats. That’s when it’s expressed in a positive and constructive way.

Some people, having learned ways of responding to situations with anger that are destructive to both the one who feels it and the target, DO need to learn to “manage” their anger (please note that doesn’t mean not feel it or express it).

As a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS-2), I can help you learn ways of channeling and converting that anger so that it serves you.

This is a two-sided process in that it includes being able to recognize when your angry feelings are escalating to unmanageable levels (using mindfulness and other methods of self-awareness) and also learning tools to express your anger in a more satisfying way.

The work is done individually, with a couple or in groups and is generally short-term (8-12 weeks). There is homework weekly and practice on a daily basis.

In some instances, Anger Management is incorporated into a more eclectic program of helping you deal with your feels and behavior (this includes Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness).

In addition to people who come here “voluntarily” (meaning they or a loved one know their anger issues need to be addressed), I also work with “mandated” clients who are referred by the legal system.

Check out a 10-minute radio appearance I did recently for the Middletown Community Health Center in Port Jervis (I’m on for the first 10 minutes):