Individual Psychotherapy

If you desire to be free of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, addiction, dysfunctional relationships, unsatisfying financial status, and dissatisfaction with your professional life, I can guide you through a life-changing process that will enable you to develop the self-awareness and tools necessary to change  your life.

My approach to treatment is eclectic, drawing upon my knowledge of and experience with:

psychodynamic psychotherapy

cognitive behavioral therapy

mindfulness based cognitive therapy

anger management

spiritual counseling.

The benefits to you of my broad-based training and experience are many. I will treat you as the individual you are with your unique experiences and issues. Together we work to help you develop self-awareness and the tools  to cope with and solve problems.

I also consider our relationship to be a very important part of the process. The strength of this “therapeutic alliance” as it is called, based on trust, confidentiality and respect, is critical to healing.

A primary goal of our work will be to help you create a satisfying and stable quality of life. The specifics of that life are determined by you. Another goal is to heal the wounds of the past to the greatest extent possible.

Whereas most of my patients meet with me weekly, it is not unusual during periods of intense work, to schedule more frequent meetings. Meetings can be done via Skype or phone if necessary. If the issues we are working on are directly affected by your relationship with a significant other or with your family, I will often suggest couples counseling and/or family therapy.

I work with adults and children over the age of 16.