Published Works:

  • Sinner’s Crossroads: Finding Faith through Song In this article I discuss the use of music as a tool to connect with the spiritual world.  I describe my own personal experience with the joys of the gospel music that I regularly listen to on WFMU’s Sinner’s Crossroads as well as the music of my Yoruba faith. I emailed this link to the DJ Rev. Kevin Nutt  and this was his response (published with his permission).  “Thank you so much. I think it is the best description of my show that I have seen. You really did a good job of appreciating the fine line I have to walk between respect for the music and humor (and appreciation) for the home spun commercials I play. There is a tendency for hipsters, secular bohemian alt lifestyle kind of folk (referring to myself, listeners, etc) to poke fun at or trivialize or create some kind of intellectualized distance between the presenter / curator, etc. and gospel music. I don’t want to do that. But we here in the US live amidst an ostensible Christianity that presents itself publicly in such unappealing and negative ways and it requires delicate maneuvering in presenting, in this case, gospel music. And there are so many open minded free thinking Christians, good people. Best, Kevin,”
  • Living in Gratitude: In this article I talk about living in a state of gratitude. Practicing gratitude is a part of my daily practice, and even in the worst of times there is always something you can be grateful for. When a person reflects on the things that she/he is grateful for, it can help remove the obstacles standing in the way of happiness. Read the full article on for more information on how gratitude can improve your life.
  • Grief, Mourning and Loss: This is a two part series where I go into some details around healthy and unhealthy ways of coping with the loss of a loved one. In the article regarding healthy ways of dealing with grief, I offer 4 suggestions that can help you overcome those feelings of loss and turn them into a source of strength and gratitude. In the second article, I go into some of the ways that many people naturally approach grief, which can be a barrier to the acceptance process. Sometimes we latch on to these unhealthy ways of coping, and deny ourselves the powerful healing process that can come through the loss of a loved one.
  • Fear of Change and How to Manage It: In this article, I discuss ever-present change and how to approach it with strength from a practical, and spiritual perspective. Many, if not all people experience the fear of change, and the way that change affects us internally has to do with how we manage that fear. In the article, I discuss both positive and negative change, and how that can affect us, with some information on how to approach change in, perhaps, a different way.
  • Developing Good Character: Its Not Just for Clients: I was inspired to write this article based on a Yoruba teaching that essentially says, “As we better ourselves, we better those around us,” and how that relates to being a therapist in private practice. It’s a reflection on developing good character as a mental health professional, to better serve those around me and how that, in turn, serves the people in their lives.
  • How to Reconcile Religious and Spiritual Differences With Your Partner: Spiritual and religious differences can come up a lot in partnership. It’s one of the areas that I specialize in working with. One partner in the relationship may feel upset because their partner doesn’t show interest or take part in their spiritual practice. The other partner may resent the time devoted to that spiritual practice. Both of these occurances, and many more complex occurances can happen in relationship dynamics and spirituality. In the article I go in depth on how to reconcile spiritual differences in a relationship and what some of the other hidden factors may exist causing this tension.
  • Letting Go of Our Fear of Loss: Many people fear death, but death is an abstract concept that most people haven’t experienced first-hand. In this article I talk about loss, and propose the idea that loss may be our greatest fear. Loss is something that affects everyone to a degree. Loss and change is something that we inherently go through as human beings and the fear of it can strike us deep in our core. Read the full article for more insight into overcoming the fear of loss, and truly coming to terms with the acceptance of what is.
  • Surviving Suffering: An article about coping with suffering and the origins of it in humanity, and in ourselves. Suffering is an essential part of life and there are certain things we can do to relieve suffering, whether its physical or emotional. I talk about some of the things we can do as humans to help ourselves go through suffering periods such as building a support network, examining dietary changes and behavior, to name a few.
  • Festival of the Dead, a Raices Cultural Center Documentary: Last year I worked with the Raices Cultural Center in New Jersey to help them with their Festival of the Dead documentary. They interviewed me about my work with Family of Origin and here’s a clip from the video: